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“SEMLA” at Rembrandt Hotel


Rembrandt Hotel proudly presents:

For the first time in Thailand “Semla” the killer of a Swedish King

 Killed by a sweet

It’s dinner time at the royal castle in Sweden, February 12th, 1771. King Adolf Frederick of Sweden had just indulged in a meal consisting of lobster, caviar, smoked herring, boiled meat, sauerkraut and turnip. For dessert he had no less than 14 servings of semla. A few hours later he died of a stroke. Semla was the King’s favorite dessert so he died happy, or so the story goes.


It’s Fettisdagen!

Fettisdagen, which literally means Fat Tuesday, is the last Tuesday before the Easter fasting. Historically in Sweden, the Swedes would indulge in as much rich food as possible on this day as fasting could last as long as 40 days and nights. The semla was originally eaten as a dessert at the last festive meal before the Easter fasting.  Today, the Swedes are no longer fasting and the semla has evolved to become a traditional dessert every Tuesday between Fat Tuesday and Easter


Be seduced by Semla

The delicious Swedish semla is a wheat bun that is lightly cardamom-spiced and partially filled with smooth almond paste.  The bun is crowned with fresh fluffy whipped cream and almost floating on top of the creation is the cut-off bun lid, sprinkled seductively with fine powdery icing sugar.


Try it yourself, at The Lobby bar at Rembrandt Hotel. Have a coffee or tea and a semla for only 199 THB net or just a Semla for 120 THB net or the Mini Semla for 80 THB net. Daily from1st of February until 31st of March. First come first served, make sure to make a reservation so you don’t miss out and pre-order by email any larger quantities as well. Reservations by mail one day in advance to amkt(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)rembrandtbkk.com.